Pumps solutions for Stejari Country Club , a high class building with premium, reliable and efficient installations.t 

The “Stejari country club” extends on an impressive area of approximately 22 000 m2 and is one of the most impressive projects in eastern europe. This complex offers a lot of social and business networking opportunities such as fitness are of more than 1000 m², olympics pool, squash fields, tennis fields ‒ inside and outside, jogging area, dance and ballet classes, martial arts, etc. This club is the first international SPA from Romania, certified by european Association of SPA centres, Shiseido SPA.
because Stejari is a high class building they wanted premium installation, reliable and efficient. They want to offer their customers the best and no loops during the usage. Stejari stands for something more than just a real estate solution. It’s about that kind of lifestyle where finally the dreams genuinely come true

–          Pompe furnizate: TP/TPE/TPD/TPED Multilift MD Sololift2 DP

PIM Solutions