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We provide technical IT solutions and strategic consultancy for IT systems, implementation, optimization and maintenance of IT systems and infrastructute for big companies. We also provide consultancy for optimizations and security of networks as well as day to day maintenance of hardware equipment in order to increase the productivity of IT departments from corporations and organizations.
IT Support Services are organized in the following groups:

1. Suport Tehnic Complet

      • Helpdesk


      • Incident Management


      • Preemptive Mainenance


      • Change Management and Management for new systems


      • Capacity management – estimating the usage rate growth for the systems and planning the means to increase infrastructure capacity to prevent any decrease of servise standards


      • Server Administration


      • Virtual Private Networks, Local Networkks and Wireless Networks Administration

Our support team acts as an unique contact point for all services. We provide advanced technical support according to the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our services can reduce the disconnections in the work process caused by technical incidents or by the risks associated to any new IT system. Our clients benefit from our partnership with local hardware suppliers. Our management solutions are innovative. We use complex programs to monitor the key efficiency indicators in the work flow and to prevent hardware incidents, allowing us to intervene in a very short time to solve any situation, thus generating competitive advantage for our clients.

2. Projecting and supplying infrastructure solutions

Organizations need trusted and easy to scale infrastructures in order to keep up with the current challenges and be dynamic and flexible. Our services support the organizations by providing optimal infrastructure solutions for offices and data centers. We can also project, configure, implement and ensure maintenance for all infrastructure solutions. AWe have established partnerships with famous equipment suppliers such as Samsung, APC, Philips, Honeywell and Emerson.

3. SCS Solutions (Supply Chain Solutions)

Supply solutions for IT have a very important role to play in planning efficient businesses: planning, acquisitions logistics and life cycle management. Power Supply Solutions We provide integrated solutions for power supply for IT and telecommunication. We offer consultancy services for projecting and implementing Data Center type complete solutions as well as mainenance services for commercial buildings. Our solutions include dedicated equipment such as:  

    • UPS equipment


    • VRLA batteries;


    • generators;


    • invertors;


    • green energy solutions;


    • floating pads

Gama de produse

Riello UPS

Riello UPS is part of Riello Electronica group, with offices in the entire world, one of the top suppliers of uninterrupted power sources, type UPS and SPS.  

FirstPower Technology Co., Ltd.

FirstPower Technology Co., Ltd. provides different capacities batteries, with a lifespan up to 10 years.  

Teksan Generator

Teksan Generator id one of the biggest companies in Europe to project, produce and install power generators with capacity between 0.5 and 3550 kVA, with an annual production capacity of over 7000 units.  


Aksa is a division of Kazancı Holding group, with the main quarters in Turkey and with an experience of over 27 years in producing generator, ranged between 2 and 2000 kVA, three fazed, 1500 rpm, 200Vac/400Vac and phonic isolation option.


Power-One is one of the biggest suppliers for power conversion and power management systems worldwide  

Uniflair S.p.A.

Established in 1988, Uniflair S.p.A. is specialized in projecting and producing fake floating floors, with heights ranged between 100 mm and 600 mm. The materials used are either high density wood pannels or plasterboard, and for finishing they come with a wide range of options.