Green solutions for pumps for the A-class office building Green Court 

The A-class office project will be LeeD Gold certified and is designed in line with the latest office trends featuring a particular accent on quality. The building will provide to its tenants the highest level of comfort, an energy efficient workspace and access to a relaxing courtyard.
because of the need of green solution for installations, Grundfos was chosen as pump supplier for the complex. our expertise in the area of green office buildings was the decision factor in this project. We supplied pumps for the HvAc system, air conditioning system, water boosting and waste water pumps. Also the fire protection sets were provided by Grundfos

–          Supplied pumps: 18 pcs TP, TPD, TPED pumps 4 pcs HYDRO MPC groups 5 pcs MUltilift MD 6 pcs SEG 4 pcs SEV

–          Automatisation for all pumps: Fire sets: HUNI 2 NK 65/07269+CR 5-16 SD 3×380/50 Hy1000/G 2NB 65-125/137 3×400/50 DL HUNI 2 NBU 50/A + CR 5-9 HUNI 2 NK 65/07-269+CR 5-20 SD 3×380/50.