Pumps for a new Pfizer factory 

The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer was deciding to invest 5,4 billion US in the ansambly line of Romanian factory ferrosan, in cluj-napoca. They wanted to modernize the factory and also to increase the capacity. ferrosan was bought by Pfizer in 2011 and step by step was included in the group global strategy. because of the expansion, they needed to secure their assets with a larger fire fighting protection system.
They have chosen Grundfos as supplier because they knew Peerless pumps, being an American company. Also Grundfos Romania has a very solid relationship with Imtech Anconi, the installation company which has done all the installations related to fire protection. The main competitor for the project was kSb but our fire sets were better positioned in terms of technical characteristics and listed standards. We have given technical assistence, installation works and also commissioning for the fire fighting sets done by our service team from Grundfos Romania

–          Pompe furnizate: 1 pc Diesel fire system 1 pc Electric fire system 2 pcs VDP 1 pc SP 1 pc Control MP204